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Over my 26 years experience with acupuncture I have found that it is an amazing therapy which can hugely help people with conditions such as stress, pain, fertility, headaches, hay fever and many more ailments. It continues to excite me and keep me interested in learning more about this wonderful treatment that can achieve so much. Now research is catching up with and validating what we practitioners have been seeing with our own results. This is taking acupuncture into mainstream care. It really is an exciting time to be an acupuncturist. Give me a call if you'd like to see if it can help you. My clinic is in Glen of the Downs, Greystones (directly off the N11/M11 & only 10 minutes from Bray).

Since 1999 I have been treating people from Greystones, Bray, Dublin and Wicklow, with acupuncture. Acupuncture is a fantastic tool which can help people deal with, and sometimes overcome, many health issues. It is not a substitute for conventional diagnosis/treatment and it is important that you keep in touch with your GP. - My hope and aim is to see acupuncture and conventional medicine working more closely together so that patients can safely get the best of both worlds.



My belief in acupuncture is based on my own experiences over the last 26 years and also on science which is now confirming acupunctures effectiveness. I think that any therapy should be as rigorously tested as possible and that practitioners & patients should be guided by the results of these scientific tests.

I am quite skeptical by nature, and for example, am not convinced by many alternative practices such as Homeopathy, Kinesiology, Aromatherapy, Bioresonance therapy, Feng Shui, Iridology, Magnets, Bach Remedies, Crystals, Angels etc. - perhaps research will prove me wrong but for now, for me, no thanks. I am, however, very pleased to see the ever increasing amount of trials being done on acupuncture including high quality RCT's, Meta Analyses and even Cochrane Reviews which are taking acupuncture to a place where it can demonstrate unbiased clear effectiveness against the best and most stringent tests.

Sometimes this research guides us to where acupuncture may not work e.g. smoking cessation for which it's effectiveness is questionable. However having proper evidence, be it positive or negative is a good thing.

I began my career in 1982 working for medical and pharmaceutical companies in marketing roles. Over a 13 year period, I was involved in various key medical areas, including cardiology, CNS, gynaecology, pain management, respiratory, urology, ear/nose/throat, gastro-intestinal, infection control and endocrinology. This helped give me a good grasp of many aspects of conventional medical diseases and treatments.

In 1993 I was made redundant from the pharmaceutical company I worked for (after a takeover) and decided to look for a career that was more meaningful to me. After much 'head scratching' and psychometric tests/career guidance etc. I decided on acupuncture. Believing that people sometimes want more choice than simply conventional drug therapy, in 1995 I began studying Chinese medicine and acupuncture with the Acupuncture Foundation of Ireland. After qualifying in Dublin as an acupuncturist I travelled to China where I undertook further study.


During the Foundation’s three year course, My lecturers included renowned Chinese medicine academics Professor Lao Huide and Dr Wu Jidong from Nanjing University, medical doctors, and a number of eminent European acupuncture practitioners. The course also included the study of aspects of conventional medicine e.g. anatomy, physiology, pathology, conventional treatments etc.

My approach to acupuncture includes a commitment to integrating acupuncture and Chinese medicine with conventional medicine (which you can access through your GP). I believe that when these two systems work together you are likely to get the best results.

Having qualified as an acupuncturist I travelled to China and undertook post graduate training in 1998 at the Nanjing University’s International Acupuncture Training Centre and clinical work at Nanjing Municipal Hospital – one of China’s most prestigious acupuncture hospitals. As part of my continuing professional development I have undertaken courses in Chinese Herbal Medicine, Treatment of Gynaecological and infertility problems, Auricular Acupuncture, Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture and many other aspects of health using TCM.

In 2007 I completed a 2 year post-graduate diploma course in Chinese Herbal Medicine and was awarded my diploma by the Chinese Ambassador to Ireland His Excellency Mr. Liu Bewei. The Herbal course was with the Acupuncture Foundation of Ireland which is affiliated to the Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China.

More recently I completed Trevor Wings Diploma course in TCM OBS/Gyn course (and passed with Merit!). This course was run over 6 months and was an excellent one which showed the benefits of combining conventional investigations with acupuncture particularly in the areas of infertility treatment (male and female), pregnancy care and menstrual issues.

I am a member of the ACI Acupuncture Register, the ACHI Herbalists Register, and was also an inaugural member of ACT Dublin, a group of acupuncturists who specialise in fertility and pregnancy treatments. My treatments are eligible for all the major insurers (depending on your plan).

I live and work in the Glen of The Downs, Co Wicklow, with my wife Mary, and my daughter Cathy. Please feel free to give me a call, without obligation, and I would be happy to discuss how acupuncture might be able to help you.

Qualifications, Memberships & Courses
Lic. Ac. Licentiate in Acupuncture from Acupuncture Foundation of Ireland
Dip. Ac. Diploma in acupuncture from Acupuncture Foundation of Ireland
C.Ac. Certificate in Acupuncture From Nanjing University, China
MTCMCI Member of Traditional Chinese Medicine Council of Ireland
Dip CPM Patent Chinese Herbal medicine Diploma, London Academy of Oriental Medicine
Dip. Ac. TCM/OBS/Gyn – Trevor Wing TCM Fertility/herbal course
Short Courses Gynaecology & infertility in TCM, Auricular Acupuncture, Facial rejuvenation, Tongue diagnosis, Chinese Patent Herbs, Male infertility, Cancer support, Counselling

“I never responded well to IVF drugs and my left ovary never produced any follicles. I looked into acupuncture on the net and found Mark Goulding and began acupuncture straight away. After the first week of IVF drugs on my next IVF cycle I had a scan and I couldn’t believe it! There were 5 follicles on the right ovary and 2 on the left. I went on to have a healthy baby. Acupuncture helped me to relax during my IVF cycle, gave me more energy, and also seemed to ‘kick start’ my left ovary. I can’t recommend acupuncture enough.”

“Having been on HRT for almost 10 years I was advised by my doctor to stop taking it about 2 years ago. Since then I have had terrible problems with hot flushes. I decided to give acupuncture a try having heard that it might be able to help. I saw Mark Goulding who gave me acupuncture and some herbs and I noticed a big improvement straight away! After only a few sessions (once a week) there was a huge reduction in the number and strength of the hot flushes. I would definitely recommend anyone who is suffering from menopausal symptoms to try acupuncture and herbs.”

Bernadette Quiney, Bray

“I had been suffering acute pain for some time when passing urine, especially in the mornings. After a few sessions of acupuncture with Mark the pain gradually decreased and eventually disappeared. My five weekly sessions have provided me with great relief and I would highly recommend the treatment to similar sufferers.”

Noel, Bray

“For many years I have suffered from sinusitis. I went to Mark Goulding in Bray who discussed the importance of diet in my condition. After 2 treatments the pain had subsided significantly and after 3 it had gone altogether. I had a total of 5 treatments and I have not had another sinus attack in the last 4 months. I am delighted with the result.  I would certainly recommend acupuncture to anyone who suffers from sinus or indeed other problems.”

Stephnie Veale, Bray


“I injured my leg and was in quite a lot of pain and I went to Mark Goulding in Bray who placed a few tiny needles (not painful) in my leg. After the first visit I was surprised to notice a slight improvement. Mark asked me to come once each week for the next 3 or 4 weeks. After the 3rd visit the pain was almost gone and after the 4th it had gone completely. I am delighted with the result and would recommend acupuncture to anyone who is considering it.”

Michael McAuley, Dun Laoghaire


“Mark, I attended a number of sessions with you earlier this year for sciatica. The last session was in June. It worked brilliantly; I haven’t had any pain or trouble with it since.”

Tom Purdy, Shankill

“I was recently diagnosed by my doctor with a case of shingles (herpes zoster), which caused me extreme pain around my lower back and side. I had heard that acupuncture might help so I spoke to Mark Goulding and he suggested we do treatments each day. After about 2 or 3 days the treatment began to work well and after 6 treatments the pain had virtually gone. I am delighted with the results.”

Mick Loughlin, Roundwood

I was diagnosed with onset adult asthma in 2018. I was put on a daily dose of antibiotics, steroids, inhalers and nasal sprays. While the chronic cough abated, the extensive mucus being produced particularly in the mornings and at night persisted. I underwent extensive tests in hospital over the course of 12 months to determine the cause of the mucus production including allergy testing. Nothing helped and I felt continuously exhausted. I met Mark and spoke to him about my condition. Mark introduced me to TCM, the concept of dampness and explained the importance of diet to me. I followed his TCM dietary  recommendation and after circa 5 weeks I woke up one morning feeling  normal with no mucus. I couldn't believe it. This has continued to improve. My energy levels are back up and I'm now off all antibiotics and oral steroids. I don't know myself thanks to Mark and his advice." Marie.