TCM dietary advice - Strong Medicine


Recently a friend of mine reminded me of just how powerful a tool TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) dietary advice can be. Sometimes it's good to remember that occasionally there can be a 'fix' which can be easy and effective if we use the principles of TCM well. Here's what happened in her own words... "I was diagnosed with onset adult asthma in 2018. I was put on a…

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Acupuncture - Dementia and Alzheimers


Experiencing both of my parents dying with dementia has given me a special interest in how treatments and ways of managing it are developing. While my father only had the disease for a relatively short time, my mother endured it for 7 years, and I became an observer of the slow progression of this truly dreadful disease. My father died 16 years ago and my mother 6 years ago. The sad fact is that…

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Colds and Flu Self Help Tips


How to avoid, treat and ‘beat’ colds and Flu. Ever wondered if there is a really effective way to treat a cold when you get one, or better still to avoid, or get rid of a cold/flu altogether? Well, I’d like to let you know about a little Chinese wisdom which may help you do exactly that! In China colds and flu’s are seen as an infection of the body by a virus, in the…

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