TCM dietary advice - Strong Medicine

Recently a friend of mine reminded me of just how powerful a tool TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) dietary advice can be. Sometimes it's good to remember that occasionally there can be a 'fix' which can be easy and effective if we use the principles of TCM well. Here's what happened in her own words...

"I was diagnosed with onset adult asthma in 2018. I was put on a daily dose of antibiotics, steroids, inhalers and nasal sprays. While the chronic cough abated, the extensive mucus being produced particularly in the mornings and at night persisted. I underwent extensive tests in hospital over the course of 12 months to determine the cause of the mucus production including allergy testing. Nothing helped and I felt continuously exhausted. I met Mark and spoke to him about my condition. Mark introduced me to TCM, the concept of dampness and explained the importance of diet to me. I followed his TCM dietary  recommendation and after circa 5 weeks I woke up one morning feeling  normal with no mucus. I couldn't believe it. This has continued to improve. My energy levels are back up and I'm now off all antibiotics and oral steroids. I don't know myself thanks to Mark and his advice." Marie.

The main changes Marie made were cutting down Bananas and other mucous forming foods - yoghurts, cheeses etc. and not drinking too much cold water at mealtimes. These were the changes she needed to help reduce the formation of 'Dampness' or mucous. These changes were appropriate for Marie and her condition according to TCM theory, but wouldn't necessarily be the same for everyone who has Asthma.